Model 618 DT with Digital Threading


SUPER HIGH PRECISION Tool Room Lathe with Digital Threading Control


Ultimate threading performance in its class — Digital Threading Control allows inch and metric threading without conventional gearbox. The radically simplified design enables fast and precise operation with no chattering noise. Uncommon thread pitches can easily be produced without opening up the machine or changing any gears. 618DT can handle any threads between 4 to120 TPI. Flat panel LCD display shows spindle RPM and tool feed rate to let operator easily select best cutting conditions. Space-saving design incorporates fully featured Digital Readout (DRO) on the same control console. Rapid retract function greatly shortens non-cutting backstroke during threading cycle.

Digital threading control.



Select inch or metric threads. Select left or right hand thread. Input the thread pitch with touch screen keypad. Dedicated screen to display X and Z-axis DRO values with large font. Memory function saves coordinate set points and makes it easy to check if you are on track on a repeated job.

  • 280mm (11″) Swing over bed.
  • 457mm (18″) Distance between centers.
  • Dual range Inch/Metric quick change gearbox.
  • Infinitely variable spindle speeds from 0-4000 RPM
  • Full bearing carriage with Turcite-B slideway bearing material between carriage
    and bed.
  • The spindle is mounted in high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings eliminating radial and end play.
  • Fast lever collet chucking with a single movement.
  • Independent infinitely variable feeds produce accurate cuts with efficient chip removal, and smooth surface finish.
Spindle Capacity With Chuck 150 mm (6″)
With Expanding Collets 76 mm (3″)
With Round 5C Collets 27 mm (1-1/16″)
With Hexagon 5C Collets 22 mm (7/8″)
With Square 5C Collets 19 mm (3/4″)
With Step Chucks 27 ~ 152mm (1-1/16-6″)
Spindle Nose Diameter Ø55.5 mm (Ø2.189″)
Spindle Nose I.D/O.D 5C (10°) / 4° Tapern
Spindle Speeds (Variable) 50-4,000 rpm (5C) / 50-3,000 rpm ( with 6″ 3-jaw chuck)
Inverter Spindle Motor 3 HP
Hole Through Spindle 31.75mm (1-1/4″)
Bar stock diameter (5C collet) Ø27 mm (Ø1-1/16″)
Distance Between Centers 457 mm (18″)
Swing Over Bed 280 mm (11″)
Swing Over Carriage 230 mm (9″)
Swing Over Cross Slide 152 mm (6″)
Carriage Power Feed Range (Variable) 8~178 mm (5/16″ ~ 7″)
Cross Slide Power Feed Range (Variable) 5~102 mm (3/16″ ~ 4″)
Cross Slide Travel 152 mm (6″)
Quick-action Compound Slide Travel 2.5 mm (0.1″)
Compound Slide Travel 76 mm (3″)
Tailstock spindle diameter Ø34.5 mm (1.358″)
Tailstock spindle taper MT. #2
Tailstock spindle travel 95 mm (3-3/4″)
Coolant Pump 1/8HP, 220V, 3PH
Feed Inberter Motor 1/2 HP
Range of Threads 0.275~2.7 mm (11~108 TPI)
Main motor 3 HP, 220V, 3PH
DC feed motor 110V, 70W
Net/Gross weight 2,300/2,530 lb. (1,050 / 1,150 kg.)
Machine packing dimension 1,910 × 850 × 1,860 mm (74″ × 34″ × 74″)